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Backend as a Service

LiveOak is a backend-as-a-service stack that simplifies development for mobile and standard web clients. Its goal is to enable client-side access to traditional backend services without having to write server-side code.

LiveOak's fundamental architectural approach is REST to the core. LiveOak provides publish/subscribe, push-to-the-mobile-client, and REST-based APIs to shuffle data between mobile handsets, traditional desktops, and other servers in a local cluster or in the cloud.


LiveOak is a set of backend enterprise services, soon to include user management, data storage, blob storage, real-time push, push notifications via APNS/GCM, and analytics.

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LiveOak applications are targeted to the JVM on the server side and applications can be written in multiple languages, including Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, and Android Java.

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LiveOak builds on top of other technologies. WildFly as an underlying container. Embedded KeyCloak server for security. AeroGear Unified Push Server for native push on mobile devices.

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